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Earn reward points for every spend

Earn and Redeem points when you perform actions and transactions - online or on the mobile app or using the Leatherback Card.


Rewards on referrals: invite a friend

Here at Leatherback, our referral program works by inviting our current customers to become brand ambassadors. As an existing customer, you have a chance to earn when you refer friends and they exchange funds.


Log in to your Leatherback account. On the left sidebar, Click “Referral” and you can copy your referral details or input the details of the person you want to refer


From your profile homepage, click on the Refer People Now tab on the banner and input the details of the person to be referred.


Copy and share your Referral Code or Referral Link on your social media pages.

Terms and Conditions Apply
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Didn’t see what you need?

Our Help Center is available Monday-Friday (7am-4pm GMT). You can reach out to us, we’ll do our best to respond quickly.


Send us an email at help@leatherback.co

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