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Leatherback Cards



Leatherback Cards
Type of Leatherback Cards

Multi - currency cards

Create multiple multi - currency Leatherback borderless Cards for your personal and business needs in minutes.

Type of Leatherback Cards

Virtual physical

Keep as virtual and/or receive in physical at any address of your choosing.

Type of Leatherback Cards

Protect your transactions

Protect your online transactions when you withdraw and transfer funds anytime and anywhere in the world.

Type of Leatherback Cards

Works securely

Works securely and seamlessly online, in-store via POS Terminals and Withdrawing from an ATM.

How to get Leatherback cards


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Instant USD, GBP and EUR card virtual issuance


Create currency card of preference (Optional)


Order physical card


Receive card in your mailbox

Complete visibility and authenticated controls

Have a full view of inflows and outflows of funds from your account. Activate, lock or unlock, enable or disable for use on any payment channel, select countries where you can use your card when you travel and more; all directly from your phone or laptop.

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Fraud prevention and risk management

Secure and double-authenticated processes when you transact online. Setup push notifications or email alert when unusual spending patterns are made using your card.

leatherback features
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