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Sendr: Payout in a currency you don't have an account

SendR is used to payout or send funds in currencies you don't have an account in. There are two payment methods for SendR (Leatherback account and Bank transfer).

Leatherback account method: This option allows you to payout using funds from your leatherback account to the beneficiary. You can use any of your accounts (GBP, NGN, USD etc) to send money to the beneficiary by clicking the currency to choose the account to be used.

Bank transfer method: This option allows you to make a bank transfer from your preferred bank to our Leatherback account. Upon receipt of the value, funds will be transferred to the beneficiary in the currency of choice

How to payout using the Leatherback Account Method

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Click on SendR on the left-hand sidebar

  3. Click on Send Money Now button

  4. Click on Single Beneficiary Option

  5. Click on Leatherback Account from the option above and click proceed

  6. Select the currency and amount to send e.g. (NGN) and the Currency in which the Beneficiary receives (USD)

  7. The system automatically populates the equivalent amount the Beneficiary would receive

  8. Click on proceed button

  9. You can choose to either add a new beneficiary or Select from the list of Beneficiaries saved

  10. Select the expense category and upload supporting documents

  11. Review the payment and click on proceed

  12. Enter the Transaction PIN to Complete the Transaction

  13. Click on authorize

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