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Powering business models, expanding internet trade and commerce globally.

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Leverage our API to take your business worldwide and accept payments via different methods from multiple marketplaces to mobile commerce sites. Blurring borderlines and providing your customers with flexible options on how to pay - your business can set up, thrive, grow and work internationally without a brick and mortar presence. Bettering your financial outcomes at the service of equal opportunity

Account Payments

Send - Instant Payment

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Payment gateway

Do business in multiple currencies with a simple online payment form and provide your customers with global and local payment options in their respective countries. Accept payments via debit/credit cards, direct debit, and bank transfer quickly and easily online..

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Payment links

No coding is required. Generate a secured shareable link in seconds that lets you receive payment on any platform from messaging apps, emails, chatbots, inline of a web page and other convenient methods.

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Payment QR Code

Own your in-store payment experience. Set up a reliable method that eliminates the need for cash. Accept in-person payments from their smartphone directly to your account with an easy setup

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Payment to anywhere in the world

E-payment experience for both consumers and merchants.

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Regulated in 3 Countries


Trading 13+ Currencies


Operating out of various offices globally


Over 70 employees around the globe


24/7 Support

Get the help you need from reliable experts, round the clock 7 days a week for any queries you might have. You can also check out our Articles to find an answer or ask a new question - Contact Us.

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