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Send Mass Payouts Globally

Grow your expansion plan, send mass payouts globally

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Expand to new markets. Gain local advantage

Make large-scale payments to local and international partners and customers with ease. Disburse funds in their preferred method like wallet-to-wallet, bank transfers or cards and they receive in their local currency.

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Flexible API integration method with authorized controls

Make high volume payments to your partners, vendors, institutions and customers in different countries and multiple currencies.

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Streamline your accounts payable into a single mass payments API solution that serves a global payment system and can be integrated directly on your platform to achieve operational efficiencies.

Expenses Management
Automated Tax Deductions
Salary and Payroll Management
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Compliance and regulation

Strict adherence to international standards to ensure smooth, secure and compliant-enabled trade and treasury management on a global scale.

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Top-tier fraud monitoring, risk and compliance system in-built with:

End-to-end encryption
Anti-fraud AML integration
Sanction checks
Whistle blowing alert
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24/7 multilingual support

Need help to set up and manage mass payouts API on your account amongst other challenging cases. Reach out to our support team. We speak different languages including English and French.

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I trust you guys! I've been using your platform for a while now and it has been really amazing. You guys have really simplified global transactions, moving money from one continent to another with ease

Alex Oluwatobi

Pay anywhere in the world

E-payment experience for both consumers and merchants.

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Regulated in 3 Countries


Trading 13+ Currencies


Operating out of various offices globally


Over 70 employees around the globe


Mass Payout Tailored for Every Company


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