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Mass collection

Collect money from more people in more places in large volumes. Local and International Mass Collection Solutions for ever-evolving businesses.

Large volume collections from more people in more places

Expand your reach globally. Increase your points of purchase and sales. Be where your customers are. Build trust and reputation with your merchants and vendors . Secure trade relationships.

leatherback features
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Single settlement from multiple currencies into your local currency

Collects Payment as a local from multiple recipients with foreign currencies and in different countries, using a wide range of payment methods.

Type of Leatherback Cards

Easy Integration to Collection systems - Online and In-store

Type of Leatherback Cards

Real-Time access to wholesale FX Rates.

Risk compliance, fraud prevention and identity verification

Streamline collections in compliance with the different countries regulations and increase operational efficiency. Manages risk, optimize fraud prevention processes and keep your business compliant with built-in encryption, tokenization, KYC and KYB.


Single view reconciliation and reports ease identification of high-risk transactions.


KYC and KYB processes to ease the verification of identities.


Sophisticated fraud management models.

"In my opinion, the easiest and fastest way to open a account for Dollars and Pounds is via the Leatherback platform"

Alabi Lawrence

Receive payment to anywhere in the world

E-payment experience for both consumers and merchants.

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Regulated in 3 Countries


Trading 13+ Currencies


Operating out of various offices globally


Over 70 employees around the globe




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