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Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of all transactions on your accounts.

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Client based transaction analytics

Gain insights into revenue generated by your various customer segments and their consumer behaviour and spending patterns. Boost conversions short term and build customer loyalty long term.


Client segmentation by value and volume


Monthly recurring revenue


User churn


Lifetime value

Location-based transaction analytics

Get on-demand visualization and in-depth payment data on where, when and how your clients are using your payment channels.

Service Channel Preferences
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Payment analytics

Collect payment data to find new opportunities, follow the lifecycle of a transaction, identify and fix problems, forecast and glean informed recommendations, and also measure the impact of your fraud rules.

Fraud and Risk Management
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Business growth analytics

Access predictive, prescriptive and diagnostics data that delivers actionable insight in real-time, allowing you full visibility and analysis of trends, optimize and expand operations locally or globally, improve security and strengthen your customer journey.

Real-time business intelligence streaming and forwarding capabilities.
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Your services are great. My students don't complain about anything and I get the money instantly

Ejimetode Theophilus Avabore

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Add money with your Bank or Debit/Credit Card. Share your details to spend and receive money.

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