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Multi-currency wallet

Hold multiple wallets in 13+ currencies without a local presence. Get local account numbers for payments and collections . Exchange without stress and transact globally.

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Get Local Account Numbers Easily

Transact like a citizen in different countries, conveniently manage your daily cash flow in foreign currencies from anywhere in the world.

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Open Local Currency Accounts from Anywhere.
Zero Account Opening Charges.
No Minimum Balance.
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Receive money from anywhere in the world like a local

Streamline your accounts payable into a single mass payments API solution that serves a global payment system and can be integrated directly on your platform to achieve operational efficiencies.

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Communicate a single name account for all currencies in your wallet.
Connect your wallet to multiple marketplaces. Get paid like a local.
Maintain balance in multiple currencies.
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Convert Currencies In-between Wallets

Get total control over your currencies on one platform. Automatically exchange currencies in seconds.

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No exchange commission
Trade currencies at your convenience
Avoid Unnecessary Conversion Fee
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Make payments to multiple countries like a local

Keep your suppliers and vendors in different countries happy, pay directly to their accounts and in their local currencies.

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How to get started


Create an account

Register and Fill in Details

Verify your identity

Upload all required proof of identity and verify your account

Top up your account and transact

Add money with your Bank, Debit/Credit Card or Payment Link. Share your details to spend and receive money.

Track spend

Full visibility of all your cash flow and expenses on one dashboard.


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