Dec, 5th 2022

Introducing Leatherback – Supporting Individuals and Businesses with Easy, Fast, & Secure Cross Border Payment

Leatherback is a payment company simplifying cross-border payments for individuals and businesses in Nigeria and beyond. The company has launched products to facilitate international transactions and eliminate the current challenges faced by traditional banks with processing cross-border payments. These solutions include Virtual Cards, Payment Collections API, and Trade Finance solutions geared toward simplifying payments.

The mission is to provide a single access point that empowers individuals and businesses to be genuinely global by enabling global finance, payments, commerce, and lifestyle opportunities. 

Among many factors, the easy, fast, and secure nature of these solutions has made Leatherback stand out and grow over the years. Unlike many traditional bank accounts and some online bank accounts, anyone can set up a Leatherback account within minutes with zero balance. Leatherback accounts empower users to make fast payments without hassle. 

Leatherback solutions are ideal for business owners who engage in cross-border transactions. These transactions can be in the form of importation, exportation, receiving supplies from across the border, etc. The solutions are also ideal for individuals who shop on global eCommerce platforms like Amazon or subscribe to global subscription-based service providers like Netflix. It can be a hassle navigating these payments, but Leatherback eliminates these hassles and delivers 100% safe, secure, fast, and reliable cross-border payments.

With Leatherback, users avoid banking halls and associated paperwork and can request accounts in GBP, USD, and EUR with real bank account numbers and virtual debit cards. Signing up with Leatherback gives users a local advantage when making online payments. Account owners get to exchange currencies and make payments directly from their accounts at real-time FX rates, bypassing unnecessary conversion charges. Leatherback empowers users to leverage one platform to access multiple currencies and global transactions anytime and anywhere. With just a sign-up, anyone can access these incredible features and benefits.

The onboarding process is straightforward and involves a 3-step process of creating an account, verifying identity, and providing the necessary documentation on the account. Users get a dashboard to track their spending and manage what goes in or out.

Finance management simplified.

Leatherback is fully regulated by regulatory authorities across 13 countries, eliminating any form of financial irregularities. Our ISO and PCI DSS certification ensures 100% data protection and compliance with all necessary data and information regulations and standards.

Leatherback is easy, fast, safe and secure, and you can truly become a global citizen through a Leatherback account sign-up.

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