The Leatherback Mobile App: A Self-Service Product for Individuals to Send and Receive Money

We've built the Leatherback mobile app to be that buddy that keeps your everyday international transactions stress-free.  

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19th October 2023
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Money makes the world go round, they say. But let's face it – money makes our world go 'round! It's like the gear in the machine of our daily lives. From making a purchase to sending money to folks, we're constantly dancing with bills, payments, and everything dealing with money. Sending and receiving money – it's a never-ending cycle that fuels our existence.

And let's be honest, there's one thing we all crave in this hustle: EASE. Who wouldn't want to make this whole money merry-go-round a tad smoother? We all know the struggle of finding the right ways to move money from beneficiary A in one part of the world to beneficiary B in another, but sincerely, it doesn't have to be that way. How do payments from country A to country B feel like fresh air? Let's get to it.  

Leatherback Mobile App: Built for Individuals, by Individuals

Leatherback isn't some cold, corporate app that only suits the suits. No, it's all about real people like you. For you, it's built by individuals who have once experienced the headaches of sending money in different currencies.  The Leatherback mobile app is a tool that helps you send and receive money with ease. One of the remarkable benefits of the Leatherback mobile app is that with only a few taps, your money is out, instantly reaching the beneficiary's destination without the need for you to panic or worry.

We understand what it means to have payment issues, so we've built the Leatherback mobile app to make international payments a simple task you can incorporate into your everyday life. A remote worker who has issues receiving his salary from his employer in the United Kingdom asked - 'What can I do on the app?', not so long after, an international student who just received an offer to study in one of the notable universities in Australia also asked 'How many currencies are on the app?'

Leatherback mobile app can be used for every international payment need; that's why we've built the app to be used 'on the go'. Highlighted below are some actions you can perform on the Leatherback mobile app:

  • SendR - To send money from one currency to another. You have access to over 15 different currencies right there on the app. 

  • Quick services - Just as it sounds 'Quick', this feature allows you to quickly make a transaction, exchange funds, and check balances without fully logging into your Leatherback account - ultimately saving you time.

  • 15 Multiple accounts - When you need to hold money, there’s an account for every currency you need. Euro, Pounds, Naira, Dollars, Yen..just name it.

  • Analytics - Closely monitor the inflows and outflows in your accounts.

  • Live chat support: We definitely understand the importance of having a support entity to talk to when you need assistance. That’s why you enjoy the convenience of live chat support, providing timely help from our support team whenever needed.

  • Currency exchange - For a smoother experience and clearer understanding of rates, this feature on the Leatherback mobile app allows you to seamlessly convert funds from one currency to another.

We've built the Leatherback mobile app to be that buddy that keeps your everyday international transactions stress-free. Everyone: international students, remote workers, freelancers, travellers, tourists, influencers, parents, high-networth individuals, medical professionals, migrants, and everyone with a personal need to send money across the border can use the Leatherback mobile app.

SendR - The In-App Remittance Tool

When you are about sending money to someone, we want you to experience how Leatherback makes that easier, quicker, and smoother. It isn’t just about sending money, it’s about the honest truth that your money is sent to the recipient immediately, with no transaction charges, or  sign-up fees.

Once you sign up on the Leatherback mobile app and your profile is approved, you can send money in different currencies by tapping the ‘S’ icon at the centre, below your screen, fund your account in your local currency, and send money in any of the 15 currencies on the Leatherback app.

With SendR, you do not need to start requesting an account before sending money in your local currency, while the beneficiary receives the currency equivalent in their currency. Of course, you can request multiple accounts to hold cash, but using SendR to send money makes it easy. For individuals with business interests and curious about how SendR works for businesses via the web app, click here to read up on SendR for international business transactions.

Getting Started on the Leatherback Mobile App

As the hour gets busier, your financial needs become more. We know you have a lot you are doing and that’s why creating your Leatherback profile only takes 2 minutes. Signing up on the mobile app requires you to input your personal information and pass the identity verification process. 

These stages in the profile creation process are essential because your information helps us understand your international payment needs and introduce new features. Not to worry; your data and information on the Leatherback mobile app are protected. You can take a moment to read through our terms and conditions and privacy policy

To learn about the documents required to create a profile on the Leatherback mobile app, check out this article.

As part of our compliance processes, specifications are required when uploading your documents. We’ve outlined them here, click to read.  We want you to have a smooth sign-up experience, so we’ve curated some video guides on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch the tutorials.

For more information about anything you need to know about how to send and receive money on the Leatherback mobile app, contact us at help@leatherback.co. Stay in touch and keep abreast of financial tips and resources via  LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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