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How to Upgrade Your Valentine's Gifting

Valentine's Day gift customisation is cute, but a cash gift is like giving someone wings to fly wherever they want to. Read this article to know more about this.

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12th February 2024
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The theory of love languages is something we get to hear every other day, and with a day as important as Valentine’s Day, everyone wants to ensure their significant other or prospective lover receives love in their favorite love language.

What if you found out that there is a universal love language that everyone would respond to with glee and gratitude? 

The good news is, this is not just a figment of your imagination, this is real and this article will tell you all about it.  

The power of cash gifts: A timeless expression

When you think of Valentine’s Day gifts, the most likely images to flash in your mind are bouquets of red flowers, boxes of chocolates, romantic dinners with bottles of wine with beautiful candle set-ups. These are the things we get to see year in, year out so it is normal to think of these things.

However, with growing trends of long-distance relationships, expressing love on Valentine’s Day should not be limited to physical gifts, and that is where we highlight the universal Valentine’s Gift - Send them Money.   

Think about it, in a world where personal preferences and aspirations vary widely, a cash gift becomes a token of consideration, enabling your loved ones to curate an experience that resonates with their individuality. It's the embodiment of love and acknowledgment, a recognition that their desires matter.

Cash gifts cover distances fast 

Distance should never be a barrier to expressing love. Whether your special someone is just a few miles away or oceans apart, a cash gift transcends physical limitations. The simplicity and seamlessness of sending money with SendR by Leatherback opens up the reality of a borderless world.

SendR by Leatherback understands that love knows no bounds, and neither should the means to express it. With a few clicks on your phone, you can seamlessly send cash gifts to your lover, instantly closing the distance between you two. Think of it as your love letter in the digital age - an e-transfer of love capable of crossing borders.

Cash gifts give room for choice

What makes cash gifts truly special is the element of choice they bestow upon the recipient. 

Instead of a predetermined present, your loved one has the autonomy to decide how they want to celebrate your love. It's a gesture that says, "I value your desires, and I want you to have exactly what you wish for."

Customisation is cute and has its benefits but a cash gift is like giving someone wings to fly wherever they want to. Imagine sending some money with thoughtful narrations. Read till the end, there would be a couple of narration suggestions.

SendR by Leatherback: Your Valentine’s Day e-cash courier

When sending e-cash gifts, reliability, and security are two important things to look out for, before choosing a payment platform. Aside from having these two top-tier features, SendR by Leatherback helps you send money in other currencies to your loved ones, and it ensures the transaction is seamless and swift. 

With SendR, you can send money using the most competitive exchange rates available in the market. It only gets easier with SendR by Leatherback.

All you need to do is create a Leatherback personal account and verify your identity, then you can start using SendR by Leatherback.

How to make that cash gift unforgettable:

  1. Send Multiple Cash Gifts: What is better than one cash gift? More cash gifts. One Cash gift would make them smile, but multiple cash gifts would blow your lover’s mind.

  2. Add thoughtful notes: Sweet notes added as narrations are the game-changer you need. Examples of notes would be; “I can empty my account for you because you deserve everything”, and “I promise you a love that allows you to fly and spread your wings, let us start with you using this to get whatever you want”, “I am committed to spoiling you, babe”

  3. Use SendR by Leatherback: The beauty of a surprise gift is its seamlessness, the seamless experience you get with SendR is one reason you should use the app to send your surprise cash gift this Valentine.


TLDR? A Love Language Beyond Words

With SendR by Leatherback, it is not just about sending money, it is about expressing love to that special someone in whatever currency you choose, seamlessly.  the act of sending money becomes an intimate expression of your love. Regardless of the time zone, your love will always be on time with SendR, reaching your special someone in the form of a thoughtful cash gift.

This Valentine's Day, let your love speak through your cash gift—a gesture that says, "I trust your choices, I celebrate your desires, and most importantly, I love you beyond measure."

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