How to Send Money Abroad from Nigeria

At this point, you might wonder, "How can I send money abroad from Nigeria without all the risk?" Well, we've reduced the risk of sending money abroad, allowing you to send money yourself right on phone.

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13th November 2023
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Sending money abroad from Nigeria can be quite challenging. It's not just the issue of delays known with international transfers but also the constant worry about scams, making the process quite stressful. 

Lately, we've witnessed increased fraud cases, primarily through web, mobile, ATM, and POS terminals. It feels like no one is safe anymore.

And sending and receiving money is an unchangeable part of life; money is a universal language we all speak, in different currencies. And yes, we all have different reasons to send money abroad from Nigeria. For you, it might be to pay your children's tuition fees or settle property agents abroad. 

Not knowing where to turn can be a concern for you and your family. If you've been in this situation, you know how tough it can be. 

At this point, you might wonder, "How can I send money abroad from Nigeria without all the risk?"  Well, the risk of sending money abroad has been reduced by Leatherback, enabling you to send money yourself right on your mobile app. Do it yourself. 

Keep reading to find out how to quickly and safely send money to the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, and other countries from Nigeria. 

No middleman, no agent needed!

A Leatherback nomad in his early 50s, Honourable Shodeinde with kids schooling in the UK once explained that before knowing about the Leatherback mobile app, he needed to send money for his child's accommodation fees and pay the agent in charge of his properties in the UK. Unfortunately, he ended up falling victim to a scam agent.

The scammer sent the money, and when the receiving financial institution noticed that the money involved had a fishy move, he was called to explain the situation. Not only Honourable Shodeinde but also his property agent, putting them at risk of legal trouble or losing the money. 

Fortunately, the issue was resolved, and now Honourable Shodeinde is sceptical about sending money through agents. And to take away his fears, he started using the Leatherback mobile app. He no longer needs to go through agents because he found out about Leatherback.

With Leatherback, you can rest easy, knowing your financial goals are achievable. It's not just an international payments platform; it's a reliable partner that respects payment rules, makes sure your money reaches its destination, and allows you to send money abroad for your child's education or other important needs.

Sending money takes less than a minute!

Are you thinking about why you should use Leatherback to send money abroad from Nigeria? If yes, keep reading. 

Remember Honourable Shodeinde you previously read about,  He tried using regular FX agents to send money to the UK for his children's school fees and his property agent. Before he got to know that he was scammed, the payment took forever, and, as you know, it also got him into trouble.

Everything changed when he started using Leatherback. And who recommended the Leatherback mobile app to him? One of the executive members in a company he works with as a stakeholder. One thing Honourable Shodeinde loves about sending money from Lagos Nigeria to Birmingham UK is how fast it is. 

Interestingly, Chisom Nwoku, a Nigerian-based Software Engineer and Author recently sent money to the UK and in her words, the process took less than a minute.  Sending money on the Leatherback mobile app is seamless, and you don't need to be tech-savvy to figure it out.

And there are no transaction fees. Most importantly, your account and money are fully secure. We’ve implemented security measures in line with regulatory practices and industry standards to ensure your transactions are protected. Your money is protected, so you don't have to worry about losing it. We have super-strong security measures to keep your money safe. Click here to read about the security measures we’ve put in place for you.

Finally, you can transact in different currencies. That means you can pick the currency that works best for your recipient; your children, property agent, investment manager, anyone.

Exchange, send, receive, and more! 

Honourable Shodeinde likes to send money on the go. He’s always moving from one meeting to the other, with several appointments, and you can tell you are also mostly busy like him. To make sure that sending money doesn’t get in the way of his everyday activities, he uses the quick services feature on his mobile to quickly transfer money.

When he has some free time to send money and take a full look at all exchange rates, all he needs to do is sign into his account, go to the SendR section, and send money in any currency; Naira, Pounds, Euro, Dollars, Chinese Yen, Japanese Yuan and more. It’s like having an international exchange office right on your mobile phone. 

When his multi-currency transactions are tied to his business, he creates a Leatherback business account using his business email address, different from his email address that he has already used to own a personal account, and sends a trusted team member to log into his business account via the web to exchange and send money.

Honourable Shodeinde loves to be in control of his finances, so he uses the analytics tool to understand his inflows, outflows, and expense categories. And when he needs to contact our support team, he doesn’t need to start asking around for our contact details. Everything is right on the Leatherback mobile app; he can have a live chat with us, and view our email address and our social media handles. 

How to Send Money Abroad from Nigeria with Leatherback?

Start by downloading the Leatherback mobile app from either the Google Play store or the Apple Store.  Once the app is installed, register, select a personal account, and finish setting up your account. Click here to watch a tutorial video on how to create your Leatherback account. And if you'd like to open a business account for your business transactions, click here.

Once you’ve finished setting up your Leatherback account and it is approved;

  • Sign in to your account

  • tap the SendR “S” button

  • select NGN if you'd like to send money in naira

  • Select GBP, if the receiver wants to receive money in Pounds or any other currency.

  • enter the desired amount you’d like to send

  • tap "Send Funds" 

  • choose from your list of beneficiaries or provide their details. 

Continue to the next step by tapping "Next." Now, you have the option to choose your preferred payment method. 

Here, there are two methods available. You can use:

  • your existing Pounds Leatherback account

  • access by Leatherback option, which allows you to pay with any bank card or through transfer. 

By following the steps above: 

You can conveniently send money from Nigeria to the UK, Canada, South Africa, China, and other countries.

For more information about anything you need to know about how to send and receive money on the Leatherback Mobile App, contact us at Stay in touch and keep abreast of financial tips and resources via  LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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