A turtle revolutionised international payments: The Leatherback story

Unlike that turtle, money cannot travel as freely. Challenges such as location, exchange rates, finding trusted finance partners, high transaction fees, and many more, hinder people from attaining the lives they want. Then came Leatherback – the solution.

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10th May 2023


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What is an ideal life for you? 

Answering this question was crucial for the founders of Leatherback, as their utmost priority was to create the ideal life for people all over the world regardless of their race, gender, background, or location. Leatherback was always meant to be more than just another financial solution — it is the key for people worldwide to experience true financial freedom, and live in a world without limitations.

Now, let's take you back to where it all began.

The story behind the name

Leatherback began as an idea in 2019, a dream. Inspired by the Leatherback turtle, the co-founder, Toyeeb Ibrahim, began to imagine a world where money could travel as freely and easily as the Leatherback turtle did. To understand this, we’ll share some facts about this turtle.

The Leatherback turtle is the largest and most migratory of all sea turtles — spanning across multiple continents. The leatherback turtle swims around the globe, crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and travelling across Alaska, Norway, New Zealand, South America, and even South Africa. It travels across borders and is resilient enough to withstand vast changes in temperatures.

Unlike that turtle, money cannot travel as freely. Challenges such as location, exchange rates, finding trusted finance partners, high transaction fees, and many more, hinder people from attaining the lives they want. Then came Leatherback – the solution.

Like that turtle, Leatherback is large, resilient, and borderless. And we aim to provide everyone in the world with access to services that enable them to become truly global, experiencing the taste of real financial freedom.

The team

The Leatherback team is made up of professionals in every field who work in offices around the globe. We have staff in Canada, the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of the world, who have put in the work to create this reality for thousands of individuals and businesses all over the world. Ease and access for people remain our priority, and this shows in our mission statement, our vision, and our values as a company.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission: Imagine a world where you can easily make payments, send and receive money internationally, and carry out business with international clients and customers. A world where international students do not have to lose their admission due to issues with processing payments. A world where business owners can pay suppliers without worrying about transaction fees, or the time it would take for payments to reach their destination. A world where you can send money to your loved ones in different continents, in seconds. A world with limitless financial potential.

Our mission is to create such a world for individuals and businesses all over the world. We want to give people access to global financial services and empower them to reach beyond borders. We are creating solutions that give people the ability to successfully carry out their finances, remittance and commerce transactions. We remove the barriers to growth and expansion and give people the chance to be truly borderless.

Our vision: We envision a world where your finances and lifestyle are not limited to the confines of your country, where your money can travel even to places you’ve never been in seconds. We want these services to be accessible to everyone regardless of their race, gender or location. We aim to give individuals, small businesses, and corporations all over the world access to borderless transactions. To make international remittance seamless and help businesses expand their reach. We are taking the stress out of global finance and enabling global trade.

Our values: To stay in line with our mission and vision, we have values we adhere to and stick with. At Leatherback, we firmly believe in Passion for our people, Excellence in Execution, Care for our Customers, Respect for the rules, and Purity of product.  Here’s what this means:

  • Passion for Our People

We are passionate about our people — internally and externally. We strive to be friendly, positive, helpful, and present. Delivering the best possible services and ensuring that we assist whenever we can. We care for our staff, and we make it a priority that members of the Leatherback team are in the best physical and mental shape as this is the only way for our team to continue to put their best foot forward and serve customers.

We respect our customers and we ensure to always keep them informed, listen to them, and attend to their needs quickly and efficiently. We do not ignore our customers or take their complaints lightly. We are quick with relaying information where need be and we always accept and implement feedback to keep perfecting our services.

  • Excellence in Execution

We are confident in our ability to deliver what we promise and offer to our customers. We are clear and concise, and we do not spread misinformation. We not only offer services, but we also educate and enlighten our audience. We are unrelenting in our quest for excellence. We constantly review and refine our product to stay at the forefront of the global finance scene. We are bullish on growth, and we do not compromise on the quality and authenticity of our services. We believe in speed and efficiency. We deliver the best results — and fast. We do not compromise our efficiency for speed, or vice versa. We work to ensure we are consistent with the results we promise our customers.

  • Care for our Customers 

We care deeply for our customers, and we want them to have the best. As such, we are helpful and attentive to their needs, complaints, and feedback. We make it a priority to be available to customers when they need it, and our customer support team is equipped to assist our customers promptly and effectively.

  • Respect for the Rules

We comply with the rules and regulations of the government. We do not try to cut corners or enable fraud or any criminal activity. We are fully regulated in Nigeria, the UK, Canada, and Ethiopia. We are trustworthy and accountable. We are also completely transparent in our dealings, so our customers can be assured that their funds are safe.

  • Purity of Product

We are committed to providing the best financial, payment, and commerce solutions and empowering people to grow and reach global markets, transacting without borders. We are focused and we channel our efforts to provide and maintain these solutions for our customers. We aren’t lax about our services, and we continue to improve each and every one of our product offerings.

What we offer

In order to achieve our mission and vision, we have a wide range of solutions that cater to a vast range of needs, from business needs to personal needs. While we cannot possibly cover everything in this article, we can share some of these services with you.

For Businesses

Businesses can benefit a great deal from using Leatherback. From our multi-currency accounts to mass payouts, invoices, and even SendR, our remittance product, you can truly scale your business locally and globally with ease. You also do not need to worry about being associated with fraud or scams as we are fully regulated in the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and Ethiopia and we are fully compliant with the law. We also do not place limits on your accounts, which can be very helpful if your business is cash-heavy.

  • Multicurrency Accounts: If you engage in business with multiple partners in different countries, you’ll appreciate Leatherback’s multi-currency accounts feature. It allows you to create a local account number in a foreign currency without being in that country. You can also send and receive money using that account, as well as enjoy the same advantages a local would. 

  • Invoices: Create and send invoices to your customers on Leatherback and receive payments in any currency of your choice.

  • SendR: Send money anywhere in seconds and in any of our 15+ currencies without needing to open a foreign currency account using SendR. This can be super helpful for one-time transactions or in avenues where you would rather not open an account.

  • Scheduled Payments: Schedule payments to your staff, contractors, etc abroad using our scheduled payments feature. Keep things running smoothly even in your absence, and never miss a single payment again!

For Individuals

Individuals can also benefit from the many product offerings available on Leatherback. From travel to schooling abroad, to sending and receiving money from friends and family overseas, paying for subscriptions, there’s a lot to gain from Leatherback as an individual. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • Multicurrency accounts: Send and receive money from friends and family overseas. Send money back home to your loved ones. As a freelancer, receive money from clients all over the world in 15+ currencies, in over 40 countries. 

  • Travel:Travel anywhere in the world for fun, education, business, or visitation, and exchange currencies with ease. Pay your school fees at international universities, pay your flight tickets, get travel insurance, pay for hotels or other accommodations, and lots more. 

  • Bills Payment: Pay your bills, schedule payments, and manage your expenses. You can keep track of your expenses and pay for subscriptions in multiple currencies.

  • Manage your income: Track your cash flow, disburse your income into multiple currencies, and manage everything from a single dashboard.

  • Protect your money from inflation: Set aside some money in a foreign currency on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can save for a rainy day and protect your income from inflation. 

Find your journey

Regardless of your background, your location, your gender, or your race, you deserve to live a life of ease — you deserve true financial freedom. In the past, a world where people could access limitless and borderless financial solutions seemed like a dream, but it is a reality now, and it is within your reach. Take the leap.

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